Monday, December 9, 2013


So what happens when you haven't seen someone for 26 years - talk for 9-1/2 hours of course, LOL.

We haven't seen these particular friends since their Wedding 26 years ago.  After their Wedding in Rockhampton 26 years ago they moved to New Zealand (for work) for a few years and then to Melbourne for 20 years and now living in Redland Bay the past few years.  This all come about as I am helping in finding people for a 40 year school reunion, it's amazing who you can find on social network places these days.
Val and I enjoying a lovely glass of red......

My hubby (on the left), Mark and I went to school together - well sort of, the guys were at an "all boys" and girls at an "all girls" private schools and when we were in Grade 9 & 10 we had a couple of co-ed classes together, OMG we hadn't seen the guys since they left our primary school at the end of Grade 4.  Up until that point the louvered windows in our class rooms had to be at a certain angle and the boys the same so we couldn't see each other, OMG this was in the 1970's but it sounds so ridiculous, we were taught by Nuns and Brothers and it was just "another world" compared to today's schooling. 

We had the most wonderful day yesterday, so much to talk about and we've promised the next meeting will be much sooner than the last one LOL......

Happy Monday everyone



  1. What a wonderful catch up. I love the way time doesn't really change the friendship.

  2. How fantastic for you all to catch up after so long.


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