Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love making coat hanger covers to hang my clothes on also I love to give them away for pressies. EVERYBODY loves pretty coat hanger covers for their clothes. We had visitors last weekend, my husbands Auntie and Uncle, Auntie gave me a new coat hanger cover pattern and I am hooked, I love it, here are three I have completed since the weekend.

 This blue one is from my old pattern.

 This apricot one is the new pattern, what do you think? I love it, the zig zag pattern looks gorgeous.

This pink and white one is a childs hanger. I am going to give it to my Grand God Daughter, LOL.
My daughter Kate is a God Mother, Kenzie (short fort Mackenzie) turned one in March. I have never met her but have seen many photos, she is a real cutie. Unfortunately the family is going to be moving an hours drive from Emerald (CQ) for 3 years, Kenzie's Father has a great job offer he cannot refuse. Kate is very sad and worried Kenzie will not remember her as they won't see each other as often as they do now.

Do you make coat hanger covers? They are so easy and lovely to hang your clothes on and also great for pressies, they knit up very quickly.



  1. They look fantastic. My mum makes the ones like your blue one. I have never seen the zigzag ones before.

  2. Your new pattern is lovely. They really are the best for hanging your clothes.

  3. I love these coathangers. they are the best things to hang your clothes yukky marks.


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