Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am so happy and excited, this morning I posted a box full of goodies for my 2009 Advent Swap partner in Salt Lake City, UTAH.
Here they are all wrapped and numbered. I also took photos before they were wrapped, I will post photos of these after the swap is completed as I want them to be surprises for my swap partner, Nannette. I was so excited making and buying the items for the swap, this is my very first swap since joining BLOG land in June of this year.


Monday, October 12, 2009


I have had a successful weekend in my craft room -

This is a photo of some unfinished dolls in my craft room, some waiting for clothes..........

I managed to complete another project on Saturday morning, I have had this "Hatched and Patch" stitchery sewn for quite a few years and didn't know how to bind it correctly, the first couple of attempts failed and it's been sitting around SO I looked through my A-Z of patchwork and came across "Binding" and voila I managed it perfectly first time, it is now ready for a hanger - I'm going to hang it proudly in my craft room.

Another weekend gone and a week closer to Christmas, I am sooo excited and happy with my achievements on the weekend. I started a quilt in January for Miss Kate's (daughter) 21st Birthday in March and what a job it's turned out to be. It's my first patchwork quilt attempt. I am excited because I finally finished the quilt top last night at 7pm. I have added some photos of the project so far...... I'm sure all you talented patchworkers will cringe - it's a "Crazy Patchwork" quilt NOT a traditional quilt, I've incorporated bits of material from dresses I made Miss Kate years ago and of course lots of other material as well, I have tried to include things she loves such as the "I Love Strawberries" and "Winnie the Pooh" fabric, Miss K studied Japanese at school for 8 years so I also included some gorgeous Japanese fabric. Blue is Kate's favourite colour so I've incorporated as much blue as possible. I would appreciate any comments and tips from quilters as to how to quilt my project as I've never done any quilting before either.


Monday, October 5, 2009


Oh and of course a special CONGRATS to Cooper Cronk from my Daughter Rebecca who sits watching him week in week out and has mentioned on the odd occasion he is HOT.........



WOOHOO WOOHOO !!! Congratulations Melbourne STORM for your great win in THE Footy Grand Final for 2009, of course you are lucky to have many of our talented 'QUEENSLANDERS' in the side. Great work by all of the boys especially Billy Slater, Greg Inglis and Cam Smith.



Another "0" Birthday in our family for 2018, My Mum turned 80 on Monday 10th December, 2018. We celebrated with a Birthday lunch ...