Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I unpicked part of Block one and here it is, I'm happy with it now.

Here is Block 2, a disappearing 9 patch.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My lovely work colleague and friend of over 19 years visited family in Poland for 3-1/2 weeks over the Christmas/New Year period. Every time she brings me back some lovely gifts.  This time Anna gave me two lovely china thimbles, a gorgeous handmade timber trinket box, a good luck souvenir from a ski resort and a pair of traditional Polish slippers, I asked Anna to get me the slippers as she brought me a pair two years ago, they are light and so comfortable.
Anna also gave me this lovely hand painted tea cup, I am looking forward to using this soon.

On the trip home they stopped over at Singapore and Anna brought me this Lion Silicone ornament with Orchid flowers inside, isn't it just lovely.

I am so lucky, I have so many treasures at home from Anna's Poland trips.

Monday, January 18, 2016


This is BLOCK 1 in the PROJECT 48 Quilt along, I made this up yesterday.  Looking at the photo, I am not happy with the bottom left block, I can see myself unpicking this section. If you are interested, the link is on my right side bar.  It has just started, there are 48 blocks over 12 months.  Two blocks are available, I am hoping to cut out block 2 tonight.  I think they are all nine patch blocks and this first one is a churn dash, my first churn dash block made.

Happy Monday everyone.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016


If you're wondering why I didn't do a BLOG post of the items I sent to my recipient, I only remembered about taking photos when the parcel looked like this :

I was not going to open the parcel and undo the wrapping to take photos.  I asked my recipient Uta on Monday would she kindly send me the photos she had on her BLOG.  I can now post about the items I sent to Uta.

This is the hand made tree ornament I made. An English paper piecing Santa.

The large item I made for Uta is this embroidered red work and made into a mini quilt hanging.
I also sent Uta some Australiana themed Christmas cards, a Koala key ring, some Aussie buttons
and a Hatched and Patched Christmas pattern.

This is a close up pattern of the buttons.

Also I forgot to put the BLOG of my recipient Noemia from Portugal.

I really enjoyed this swap and hope to join this year also.


Sunday, January 10, 2016


I wanted to make 3 patchwork jean quilts for awhile now.  I have had some old pairs of jeans stacked up in my craft room, some were from my household and some were given to me by friends. Last Tuesday I cut all the jeans into useable strips and I used my Accquilt Go machine and my 6-1/2" die strip cutter to make these strips.

The same day I then used my 6-1/2" square template and cut the strips into 6-1/2" squares.

On Friday I sewed up this quilt top together, the quilt top is 8 squares x 12 squares which means I used 96 squares.  I have another 20 squares left over to go towards the next quilt, however I will need to acquire some more pairs of jeans, I was thinking of visiting to some op shops and I make pick up some cheap ones.


Saturday, January 9, 2016


I am still on annual leave from 23rd December, I haven't turned on a computer or looked at BLOGS.  I return to work on Monday and will also be checking out BLOGS and doing more regular posts.
Firstly I want to BLOG about the wonderful SSCS gifts I received from a lovely lady named Noemia from Portugal.  Noemia sure did spoil me, sending lots of wonderful gifts.  I love all of them. Firstly is this lovely cushion cover hand made and hand embroidered.

Here are all of the other lovely gifts Noemia sent me. 

I forgot to take photos of the gifts I sent to my SSCS so I will have to send her an email asking can I please have a copy of the photos she put on her BLOG. 

Happy New Year everyone,.


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