Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am joining the lovely Melody over at "The House On The Side Of The Hill" for Tuesday Treasures. A few weeks back I found out a lovely girl named Marina who used to work with us and now living with her husband in Tokyo is pregnant. Marina is one year older than my Kate and I think of her as a surrogate daughter. Marina is due early December and it will be winter and very cold over in Tokyo so I decided I would love to make some warm crocheted things to send to her for the baby.  I came across this gorgeous book by Annie's Attic with "Cuddle Cocoons", I have never heard or seen of them before, have you ? To puchase this book in Australia the cost was $13.95 plus $7.50 postage so I decided to look at "The Book Depositoty" website in the UK and WOW what a surprise, I purchased The Cuddle Cocoons books for $8.33 with FREE postage, for those of you who don't know EVERYTHING is FREE postage from The Book Depository so it's well worth checking out before buying books locally. I was able to buy this so cheap I decided to check out what else they had in crochet for babies/toddlers. These Cuddle Cocoons won't take long to make as they are for babies 0-3 months old and are small.

I also bought this book by Darla Sims for $9.27, this little cardi is crocheted all in one piece and then sewn together, how clever is that, I can't wait to get started. It's the same pattern for all the cardi's in the book just adding collars, frills, etc.

This one has some cute projects to make including cardi's, ear hats, booties and a couple of rugs. This little book with 7 patterns was $3.67.

The fourth book I found and bought has gorgeous baby shoes to crochet. This is an Annie's Attic book as well and it was $8.33.

So I was able to purchase all four of these books for the total sum of $29.60, what a bargain. Thankyou Book Depositiory. I am so excited with all of my purchases and now to work out what I will make for Marina's baby, purchase the wool and get started.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I love shoes, shoes, shoes and handbags. Today on Tuesday Treasures I would like to share the latest addition to my shoe collection. I was up at Myer last Friday in my lunch break looking for a pair of nude patent shoes but sadly they didn't have any in my size BUT I did however come across a great bargain.  These lovely cream satin shoes which WERE in my size, if you look closely you will see they were $130 reduced to $89 BUT I did not pay this price.

I paid $5, no this isn't a typo, I paid $5, I had to pinch myself after confirming this with the sales staff. I even took a photo of the receipt to prove it, a NEW pair of shoes for $5 AND they also came with a pair of spare heel bottoms. WOOHOO I had a huge grin on my face all afternoon at work.

Have you found any good bargains lately...

Join in the fun over at Mel's Tuesday Treasures.


Monday, May 21, 2012


My Darling Kate woke on Saturday morning with stomach pains which had turned excruciating by late morning. Kate's BF took her to the Medical Centre where the Dr confirmed Appendicitis and gave her a letter to take to the emergency at the local hospital, they did some blood tests and checked her out and finally sent the surgeon down to talk with her and decided at 2.30pm it was appendidcitis and they would have to be removed. HOWEVER they had to do emergency c-sections and meanwhile Kate was waiting, waiting and having morphine and other pain killers for the pain. It was a VERY long and drawn out day and FINALLY at 8.50pm on Saturday night they took her in for surgery which lasted for 2 hours. I still can't believe they released her from hospital a little more than 12 hours after surgery, she was home at 1pm yesterday, I think that's so disgraceful, in my opinion they should have kept her in till at least today. I know with key hole surgery these days it's not as invasive but I know someone else having had the same operation was in hospital for 4 days and given 3 weeks off work. Kate came through the surgery good and is now recovering at home, it was a stressful and tiring weekend and I am so glad it's all over now. This is a photo of Kate and I on Mother's Day, I didn't want to post a photo of her not looking so good in hospital.

"I love you to the moon and back sweetheart", Hugs and Kisses. Mum

How was your weekend, I hope it was less stressful than mine.


Friday, May 18, 2012


Yes I must confess I have been visiting the FAT QUARTER SHOP again online. These goodies arrived earlier this week. I have got so much material at home now I do not know where these are going to go, seriously but I just couldn't resist. Two weeks ago they had 40% off their shipping so a little indulgence was needed, I simply CANNOT pass up a bargain plus all these were in the sale section.

 I was lucky enough to get the fat quarter pack and the jelly roll in "Puttin on the Ritz, Blue"

Fat quarter pack in "Puttin on the Ritz, Grey"

Fat quarter pack in "Puttin on the Ritz, Pink"

I purchased a yard of each of these fabrics, I so love the red and black fabric.

These two packs are 40 of 5" x 5" squares that will come in very handy.

Happy Friday

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Today's Tuesday treasure is something I treasure all year round, my gorgeous girls Kate and Rebecca. They gave me the most wonderful Mother's Day WEEKEND ever. It all started on Friday night, Rebecca gave me this gorgeous yellow rose.

Saturday afternoon they took me to Twin Towns RSL club which overlooks Jack Evans Boat Harbour leading out to the Pacific Ocean, a gorgeous view on a Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon sitting outside on the balcony.

I was then surprised with a wonderful High Tea, I love having high tea and Rebecca has been wanting to do high tea with me for some months, it's really not a "Kate" thing as she isn't a sweet eater so it was especially special for Kate to do something like this with us. (I think it was Rebecca's idea and she conned Kate into it). However Kate did say she enjoyed it and would do it again, YAY......

After eating the sandwiches this is my plate full of sweet goodies. The scone was still warm and I think the best scone I have had in a looong time except for mine as I make delicious scones if I do say so myself along with Rebecca and family.

Sunday morning I had brekkie made for me and I was adorned with all of these wonderfull gifts and the two most gorgeous Mother's Day cards.

The three girls heading out.

AND if that wasn't enough they also bought Chinese food for dinner.

Thankyou my darling girls, I had the most wonderful weekend. I truely am blessed to have two beautiful thoughful daughters.

Thankyou Mel for hosting Tuesday Treasures again this week.


Monday, May 14, 2012


Joanna, one of the ladies at work had a birthday last Friday and she has just recently started stitching so I made her a few things and she was thrilled.

I made this needle book,

a pincushion,

and a scissor fob and I also bought a pair of scissors.

I also made Joanna one of my jewellery pouches, she had seen others I had made for gifts some time ago and commented that she liked them.


Friday, May 11, 2012


I have mentioned in the past we live at Tweed Heads and I work in Brisbane CBD and my husband at Kedron, a northern suburb of Brisbane, we travel 1200klms a week to and from work. So we need a very economical car to drive and something very reliable, we have been driving a Nissan pulsar since about June 2008 to do this for us, it costs us about $25 a day and we need to fill up with fuel every 2nd day so we are spending around $550-$600 a month on fuel depending on fuel prices on the particular days we need to fill up. It has been a wonderfully reliable car and my husband (a motor tech by trade) gives it regular services etc.  She's now done around 290,000klms, well yesterday she must have decided she needed a well earned rest, as Stephen was driving to collect me from work she overheated and we have a blown head gasket.  This is in Brisbane CBD in peak hour traffic so it was a real dilemma where to pull over, we managed to make it to the cul-de-sac at the city Botanical Gardens entrance. It was around 4.50pm, we waited and waited and waited, finally the tow truck turned up at 7.10pm, we had the car towed to Stephen's work at Kedron and luckily they have night shift staff and there was a spare car available so we drove to Kate's (our eldest daughter) place arriving at 8.25pm had some late dinner.  Kate lent me clothes to wear to bed and washed my work clothes and put them in the dryer and I am wearing the same outfit to work work today. OMG what an adventure for a Thursday night..........   So the next dilemma is - how do we get home tonight ............

This is the car being loaded onto the tow truck.


Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love making coat hanger covers to hang my clothes on also I love to give them away for pressies. EVERYBODY loves pretty coat hanger covers for their clothes. We had visitors last weekend, my husbands Auntie and Uncle, Auntie gave me a new coat hanger cover pattern and I am hooked, I love it, here are three I have completed since the weekend.

 This blue one is from my old pattern.

 This apricot one is the new pattern, what do you think? I love it, the zig zag pattern looks gorgeous.

This pink and white one is a childs hanger. I am going to give it to my Grand God Daughter, LOL.
My daughter Kate is a God Mother, Kenzie (short fort Mackenzie) turned one in March. I have never met her but have seen many photos, she is a real cutie. Unfortunately the family is going to be moving an hours drive from Emerald (CQ) for 3 years, Kenzie's Father has a great job offer he cannot refuse. Kate is very sad and worried Kenzie will not remember her as they won't see each other as often as they do now.

Do you make coat hanger covers? They are so easy and lovely to hang your clothes on and also great for pressies, they knit up very quickly.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I make the travel arrangments for our corporate travellers at my place of work and I negotiate corporate rates for the hotels in Brisbane each year. During the year I am invited to The Stamford Plaza, Hilton Hotel, Sofitel etc during the year for Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea etc. Today I was lucky enough to have lunch at the Stamford Plaza Brisbane with a beautiful lady named Angela. This is the Stamford Plaza foyer, the photo is taken from the staircase leading up to the Grand ballroom.  The Stamford Plaza (formerly Heritage Hotel) is one of the most spectacular hotels in Brisbane which is situated on the river near the Botanical Gardens. They were very unlucky to have been flooded badly in the Queensland January 2011 floods and they were closed from January until late April 2011.

Brisbane Luxury Hotels - Stamford Plaza Resorts Brisbane
I had the most incredible lunch, there is so much variety in the buffet and it is very hard to decide what to have so I finally decided on a little bit of Green Chicken Curry, twice baked Pork, salmon, baby chat potatoes, cauli flower and broccoli. I wish I had taken a photo before devouring it however I did take a photo of my cup of "skinny" flat white (half full) and my sweets, everything was so delicious.

I cherish these days as when I am retired there is no way I would be able to afford to go to these places so I make the most of it. So when I am sitting in my craft room doing things that make me happy I will still have the memories of the days when I dressed up wearing my finery having beautiful lunches at the Hilton and Stamford Plaza, the most awseome high teas at the Stamford Plaza and the best buffet breakfast ever at the Sofitel.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today's Tuesday treasure I would like to share is the weekend with family and friends. My eldest daughter Kate came to visit for the weekend, firstly we went shopping Saturday morning, hubby and I first collected our new glasses from Specsavers and they are very snazzy, we are very happy, two pairs and no gap, you have to be happy with that.  Kate purchased a few things from K-Mart and then she wanted to look at some jeans from Jeans West, ladies if you are curvy and cannot find jeans to fit like Kate and I, head out now to Jeans West and buy yourself a pair of "Curve Embracer" jeans, they are brilliant and you will fit into a much smaller size than you thought possible. I was not in the market for jeans however at the moment Jeans West are selling 2 pairs for $99 so Kate talked me into a pair, there wasn't much talking into after I tried on a pair of "Curve Embracer" jeans.  Okay guys so now you have perfected a jean for the "curvy" lady how about for short as well.  I altered Kate's on Saturday afternoon and mine on Sunday morning, I cut off 4" and allowed 1-1/4" for the hem.

Here they are all finished and ready for wearing, no not really I need to wash and iron them first.

Saturday afternoon/evening we headed over Twin Towns RSL for some Keno and drinks.
So here we are enjoying some lovely drinks, Me, Rebecca and Kate.

Friends were staying at Coolie for a few days so we caught up with them as well on Saturday night. This is my friend Vicki, we have known each other since we were 14. Here we are celebrating being "long time friends".

So what are you sharing today? Thankyou to Melody for hosting Tuesday Treasures again.



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