Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The week before last I was on annual leave and was happy to have some finishes for my Christmas stash. First is this sewing machine cover I made for my eldest daughter. She inherited my machine when I was given a new one for my Birthday 2 years ago. Mind you it is still in the box, she is very busy with full time work and part time uni so doesn't get a chance to do any sewing at this point, but one day........

The pattern is from a Country Threads mag V12 No 2. I am also making one for my machine in between Christmas gift sewing.

I also managed to make 5 of these and I have put Christmas serviettes in them as well.
I have this pattern in a two page photo copy someone gave me years ago so I don't know what mag it is from....



Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My Tuesday Treasure today is sharing my "Weight Loss Journey" to date, it is now just over 13 weeks since I started this journey and I am very happy with my progress, I have now lost 11.3kgs and it hasn't been difficult, my goal is to lose a total of 22-24 kgs so I am around the half way mark of my goal. Two weeks ago we were on annual leave and had a couple of meals out and not the usual 6 protein meals a day every day which I should be having, it is difficult when you are out and about however I still lost 200 grams for the week and was quite pleased, any loss is good. Last week starting on Monday (first day back at work) I decided to do my walking in the mornings before breakfast as it is now getting too hot in Queensland to be walking at lunch time which I was doing before I had a week off. So now I head out about 6.30am and go up to the Botantical Gardens (in Brisbane CBD) and back to the office around 7.15am, then have breakfast. I was hoping for a 1kg loss last Saturday for the week and when I hopped onto the scales Saturday morning I was so very excited, I had lost a whopping 1.8kgs, WOOHOO.... I was so happy. We now have 5-1/2 weeks to Christmas and I am hoping to lose around 4kgs up to Christmas Eve which will make me very happy if I can achieve this. That way IF I put on a little bit over the Festive Season it gives me a bit of a buffer.

What are you sharing today, please pop on over the Melody and see you else is sharing Tuesday Treasures.



Friday, November 11, 2011


Today, Friday 11th November 2011 is Remberence Day in Australia.

To the amazing men and women who gave their lives for our freedom and also to those wonderful guys and gals out there today doing the same thing in places I don't agree they should be. Lest we forget......



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