Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I have wanted to go to Aria Restaurant, Eagle Street pier, Brisbane CBD since it opened.  It is now ticked off my list, I was fortunate enough to be invited by our travel agents for a Christmas lunch at Aria Tuesday of this week.  It sure did live up to my expectations, I can highly recommend it if you have the opportunity.  This is our menu.
There were 22 of us, this is a snap shot of a few of us, oh and yes we were in the private dining room and looked after very well by the staff.

This is my Entrée, double cooked pork belly, this is without a doubt the best pork belly I have ever eaten..... Mind you it's the only pork belly I've ever eaten but if I have it again I will always be comparing it to the pork belly I had at Aria.

My main meal is Barramundi, oh yes the best Barra I have eaten as well with garlic mash potato and lettuce.

Dessert was just called Hazelnut.... The description was Hazelnut, caramel and popcorn ganache, with Hazelnut ice cream, sooooo delicious........

Plus of course a few glasses of Sav Blanc and Shiraz... a great lunch indeed.


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