Wednesday, July 31, 2013


If my Mother in Law was alive she would be turning 74 today, that nasty horrible disease cancer, stole her nearly 3 years ago at the age of 71, much too young.

On a happier note for my post I have made a bear and a self binding baby blanket for a new baby girl, her name is Arabella, such a pretty name.

Kate visited us last weekend from Friday night to Monday morning, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend.
Kate did sewing in high school but hasn't touched a sewing machine for several years. On Sunday morning I tutored her to make this self binding blanket and she made a great job of it, this blanket is also for Arabella who is the baby of a friend of Kate's. 


Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am without a doubt THE proudest Mum on the planet right now .....  Kate is officially an accountant, she graduated on Tuesday night at QPAC, Southbank in Brisbane.  Kate is a very determined young lady and sees through everything she takes on, since finishing school she has worked full time as well as studying at Uni part-time for 6-1/2years for this degree paying her way as she goes with no debt to pay. I took LOTS of photos, here are a few I would like to share. She is not your run of the mill boring accountants, she is a gorgeous girl with a bubbly personality, everybody loves her instantly.
Firstly a couple taken outside before the ceremony.

This is a photo from where we were sitting, Kate is in the second row from the back..

I zoomed in with the camera a little here.

I have zoomed in more with this photo, Kate is in the second back row and in the middle.

This is Kate accepting her certificate from the Chancellor.

Back in her seat after being presented with her certificate.

Kate and her partner Josh.

A proud Dad

Proud Mum and Dad.

An extremely proud Mum.

Kate at home with her graduation gift from us - a Tahitian South Sea black pearl and a 9KT gold

The certificate.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


My youngest daughter turns 21 on 1st August and I am making for a photo memory quilt as part of her gifts.  I have been working on it for the past couple of months in between other projects, I spent quite a few hours on it last weekend and this is my progress so far.  I ran out of the red and cream in between blocks. I need to make more of these red and cream in between blocks, first I needed to cut the 2-1/2 inch strips which is time consuming.

So this is where my new Accuquilt Go came in real handy, one of the dies I purchased when buying the GO was the 2-1/2 inch strip cutter, it cuts 3 strips across and you can cut up to 6 layers at a time. So I cut out my remainder red and cream strips in a matter of minutes. I didn't have the Go when I cut the strips for the first lot of the blocks, WOW let me tell you it was so quick and the stips so perfect, VERY happy......


Monday, July 22, 2013


My hubby celebrated his Birthday recently, his all time favourite cake/dessert is Black Forest Torte, if it's on the menu I always know that's what he will order. A couple of months back there was a recipe in the Courier Mail (newspaper) for a Black Forest Torte, so I decided I would make this for Stephen's Birthday. Have you ever made a Black Forest Torte? It was a lot of work plus expensive for the ingredients, it would have been cheaper if I'd have bought a cake.....  It tasted so delicious, I only had one small piece, I am not a fan.  Stephen was surprised and thrilled, phew, thank goodness....
Here it is........

 And a photo with his two gorgeous girls. The third (me) was taking the photo.


Friday, July 19, 2013



To celebrate the start of the "Shabby Roses Home" BOM, Jenny of ELEFANTZ is having a giveaway!

One winner will receive a kit and pattern to make my "Happy Table Runner"...

So don't delay, check it out........

Have a great weekend


Thursday, July 18, 2013


WOOHOO the MIGHTY MAROONS have done it again, 8 series wins, it may be raining outside today but I feel like the sun is shining so brightly nothing can dampen my spirit today, it's great to be a QUEENSLANDER. CONGRATULATIONS MAROONS - you are simply the best, better than all the rest..............


Monday, July 8, 2013


I am so happy with the sewing I was able to fit in this past weekend, I managed to spend several hours on my daughter's 21st memory quilt and am happy at how it is coming along - no photos yet.

A couple of months back I rummaged through the walk in linen cupboard and found a dozen tea towels I had bought many years ago as souvenirs which I have now washed and ironed and am now using them to make laundry bags for Aussie Heroes.  I also came across tea towels with year calendars on them which I bought the same years each of my girls were born.  I spent some time wondering what I could make with them for the girls and decided to make plastic bag holders. 

This one is for Kate and would you believe BLUE is her favourite colour.


This one is for Rebecca and her favourite colour is RED.

I also managed to make this Pink and White STAR block for Aussie Heroes. Fifteen people are making 1 star block each made with Pink and White fabric and they will all be made into a quilt.


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