Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This morning I would like to share with you this version of the Jessie May doll (button haired doll) I finished on Sunday. This one is a gift for a friend. I decided to do a version in brown with the rag hair, I am still deciding whether to make a little bear she can hold in her arms BUT I will have to draw one myself which I totally suck at, I cannot draw at all.... I cannot find my Jessie May pattern anywhere, I searched through all of my patterns on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning. Just gone........

Here are another couple of girls, one with raggy hair and one with button hair, the button hair one has red and white buttons and I intend making her dress out of Christmas material, she will be mine to put out at Christmas time. I have already cut out a green dress for the raggy hair doll so I can use for a pattern which is lucky as I cannot find the original pattern...........

Here is another brown doll, this one will have button hair, the head is not attached, just sitting
on top of the body, I thought it would look better than taking the photo with her head in her lap.
This last brown doll will be for me....

Pop on over to Melody's to see you else is sharing treasures today.



  1. Wow, what lovely treasures, you are very clever. I particularly love the button hair :-) How much fun is she?
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. She is such a lovely pattern and I promised myself I would make her with the button hair one day. I hate it when you misplace a favourite pattern...hope it turns up soon.

  3. Maybe your little dolly could hold a felt teddy, there are lots of cute simple free patterns out there. You are so clever to make these cuties.

  4. What cute dollies. I love the white girls with their coloured shoes.

  5. Those are so cute.... I hope you find your pattern... home made toys are a great treasure...

  6. Your dolls are wonderful ,I hope you find your pattern soon , I know how frustrating that can be .

  7. Cute dolls. Look forward to seeing them finished. How about a cute cat for your doll? Much easier to draw. :)

  8. It must be fun to make dolls and have their personality come out as you finish them.

  9. Your dolls are wonderful, it's fun to have each one different.


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