Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My Tuesday treasure this week I would love to share with you my gorgeous treasured Eggs, I started back at work 15 years ago and each Christmas our company give us a Christmas bonus so I decided I wanted to buy something to keep each year so I started collecting these Eggs from the Jewellers, I have a few more that didn't fit into the photo. What is your treasure to share today? Head on over to Melody's - The House on the side of The Hill to see other treasures for today.



  1. These are really beautiful. Thank you so much for being part of Tuesday Treasures and sharing these objects.

  2. what beautiful eggs Kaylee they are a lovely treasure

  3. They are lovely Kaylee. That's a really nice keepsake from all your hard work.

  4. I love your eggs. They are so shiny. My favourite is the one second from the left in front. They are a lovely treasure to keep.

  5. very nice blog,have a good weekend from Tenerife and pass to visit my blog for draw in my giveaway....


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