Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Here I am once again joining in Melody's Tuesday Treasures, this week I am sharing something I have treasured since I was a small child, it is my Grandma's timber chest, my Pop gave it to her when they were courting back in 1931. I grew up in Rockhampton and my Dad's parents lived in Mt. Morgan, we visited every other Sunday and I have LOTS of great memories of those times. As a small child I always loved Grandma's chest and HOPED one day it would be mine. I told my Mother about this when I was pregnant with my youngest (Rebecca is now 18-1/2). Mum said to me your Grandmother is a very practical woman just say to her you have always loved it and hoped one day it would be yours, we were up in Rocky when I was pregnant with Rebecca and I phoned Grandma and had a talk and she said "you can have it now Kaylee, however there is one condition you have to take with with everything in it", WOW I was like a small child at Christmas, so excited with all the treasures I found inside, my Grandma did lots of crochet and Tatting (my Grandma taught my sister and I to crochet as small children), inside were some tatting shuttles, lots of wool which I used to make a patch crochet blanket, a leather pouch with some small hooks which I think were used to do up ladies lace shoes early last century and many other exciting treasures. I had hoped to keep the chest original however the material on the top was very worn and holes were starting to appear so I decided to put a new top on it and when I was removing the braid from the original top (I thought), we found another fabric so I guess Grandma had already put a new top on it. I keep the chest in my craft room and have it full of my craft goodies. In the second photo you can see the bear fur I have cut out ready to assemble.



  1. What a wonderful treasure. I can just imagine the joy at receiving the chest - and full too. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. What a beautiful chest (is it silky oak) How wonderful to be using it in the same manner as your Grandma did storing your craft supplies and goodies. You must have had a wonderful time going through all the bits and pieces in it.

  3. The chest is lovely and so useful too....it is so nice that you love something of your grandma's so much...

  4. Hello Kaylee,

    If you don't ask you don't receive!!! The chest is beautiful and its great you got the contents as well. Have fun making your bear.
    Happy days.

  5. What a beautiful chest. I can just imagine you looking through all the things that came with it.

  6. A lovely chest and a lovely story , so happy you were given this beautiful chest to treasure with all its interesting contents .Thanks for sharing .

  7. What a wonderful treasure and a lovely Grandmother. Someday you may have the honour of passing a chest full of goodies on to a grandchild of your own!

  8. Kaylee i really love this trunk or chest its fantastic.


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