Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's "Teddy Bears Picnic" time over at Melody's.
We are so looking forward to joining everyone out in the lovely sunshine today. This is the other bear I made, a few people have said he looks more like a dog :-) BUT he is a bear, I found him very easy to make as the only joint was his head, the legs are part of the body. I have made both of my bears by hand at work in my lunch hour breaks and stuffed them at night whilst watching TV.



  1. Hi Kaylee,
    I'm so glad you are joining us on the picnic. I think your little bear is very cute and I love the way he looks so relaxed.

  2. He looks a look a real laid back cool dude and I'm sure he will enjoy chilling out on the picnic rug. Cute!!!

  3. Kaylee i thought he was a real dog laying out flat on the floor,lol very cute,well done

  4. He is such a laid back fellow, I think I have one of his mates here.
    Gorgeous and not like a dog at all!
    glad there was sun for your picnic.

  5. He looks so cuddly all spread out on the floor ,love him.


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