Thursday, January 26, 2017


HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY my bloggy friends, I am a very proud white Australian and love Australia Day on 26th January every year.  I hope you're all enjoying the day.  I will be making some Damper soon, that's my tradition on Australia Day......

The lovely Anthea, my long time blog friend over at Hibiscus Stitches organised her very first swap, I was very happy to participate in Anthea's first Australia Day Swap. The criteria of the swap was to send 5 items each starting with a letter from  A U S T R A L I A, we were to include the Australian Flag in one of the items. 

I received my parcel from the lovely Sue over at Kiwikids page, as it turns out Sue is also a bloggy friend of mine...... LOL what are the odds...

Australian flag serviettes... Large table mats... Australian fabric (about 20 pieces in different sizes)
Silly sunglasses, Sue's request also included a ... photo required please, yes I did do this.....
Australian designed fabric bag (a little dilly bag)

Funny photo with silly sunglases

 I sent my parcel to Julie over at Jewells, I sent Julie the following items...

Soap (Australian made).... Tea leaves in a tin from T2... Red buttons (various)... Australian fabric incoporating the Australian flag made into a mug rug.... Lace doily

Thank you Anthea for organising this swap, it was loads of fun, looking forward to the swap again in



  1. What a really fun swap. Great gifts sent and recieved xx

  2. Thank you for being such a good sport and having your photo taken!! It was fun gathering/making the gifts and also receiving.


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