Friday, March 27, 2015


Saturday 14th March 2015 we celebrated Kate & Josh's Engagement. It was held at Josh's parents place, they have 5 acres of land so it was a great venue.  We hired a big marquee, trestle tables and chairs. We organised the food ourselves, catering for 110 guests that had accepted the invitation however only 85 arrived on the night.  Soooo, needless to say we had quite a bit of food left over which was okay as we all had lunches and dinners for a week. 

The cake which Kate organised through COSTCO, I can recommend to anyone to buy a celebration cake from COSTCO, it was really delicious and under $30.

                                                                     Kate and Josh

                                   Our youngest daughter, Rebecca and her boyfriend Drew.

Josh's parents, Josh, Kate and Kate's parents (us LOL).....

It was a wonderful afternoon/night.  They received some gorgeous gifts along with cash and gift cards as well.



  1. great pics Kaylee and congrats to the happy couple xx

  2. Lovely photos! Congrats to your DD and her beau xxx

  3. Wonderful photos Kaylee...congratulations to the happy couple!!

  4. Congratulations for the new phase of your life. Reception ceremony of my friend was the best. Got warm welcome at LA venue and wreaths used for décor was eye catching. Ceremony benches were arranged in a lovely way. Sober colors of sleighs and logs were cute. Got amazing staff services for lunch too.


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