Tuesday, March 10, 2015


My home town is Rockhampton and many of my family and friends suffered from Marcia's havoc. You would have seen these photos no doubt time and again on TV.  My Mum was without electricity for 13 days and her yard had a lot of destruction with a 45 year old Wisteria tree ripped out of the ground and split in two and wrecked most of her front yard, Mum is so upset, she loves her gardens. Thankfully though the tree fell away from the house and no damage to the house. It was mentally upsetting for her having no power for that time at the weather conditions so hot and not being able to sleep at night etc.  Our niece lives at Zilzie which is a very small coastal community and they sustained quite a bit of damage to their house. One of Stephen's cousins and his wife live at Keppel Sands, another small coastal community, their house suffered extensive damage and the insurance company (Youi) have "written off" their house so they are getting a new house built..  They are so impressed with Youi and would recommend them to anyone, they said that Youi have been so marvellous and also someone phones them every second day checking up on their well being so emotionally that is so wonderful as well.  I am just so grateful that no one received any personal injuries though. 



  1. Oh boy Kaylee, that looks so bad! I am glad to hear your family are being looked after so well. The power of the weather is amazing...I don't think any of us appreciate that until we are actually in it. I hope your Mum is ok too, will she re do her garden?

  2. I am so pleased to know that noone has been seriously injured but it is rather sad and stressful losing a home despite being covered by insurance. Angel hugs to your family.


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