Friday, December 5, 2014


Thursday 27th December 2014 will be known as one of the worst super cell storms to hit Brisbane with MILLIONS of dollars on damage. 
I was commuting by train from the CBD of which I boarded at 4.14pm to home when it struck, it was so scary with golf ball size hail hitting the windows of the train, I knew I was safe as they are double windows but it was scary all the same.  Luckily the train driver managed to stop us at a train station when it struck but there we sat for hours and hours.  I managed to finally get home at 11pm, a seven hour commute !!! After having been in 3 trains and 2 cars. I had a headache from no food and all I wanted was to have a nice shower and a nice cold Pepsi Max drink.
I took a couple of photos through the train window after the rain stopped as it was too heavy to even attempt a photo when it was raining.

This photo is when the "river" appeared outside the train but what I didn't know was............

There were actually train tracks under that water which you can see in this photo once the rain had stopped for several minutes and the water was getting away.

I took a couple of photos of the river bank which I can see from my office window...

Early last week all these trees had beautiful flowers on them and now they don't even have any leaves, they look so desolate, how long till they have leaves again ?

I took this photo on the way to the gym on Tuesday, you can see the Story Bridge in the background. They were previously full of leaves, they look so sad......



  1. Hi Kaylee i am glad you are okay,it looks scary,xx

  2. hello there on the other side of the world, i am so happy that you came home after houres and houres, and with no dammage,
    scarry....big hug from Mieke Belgium

  3. Boy it was a bad one Kaylee - good to hear you got home safe, but it took a long time!!! Hopefully the trees revive soon!


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