Monday, November 17, 2014


Last Friday was a Public Holiday for us working people in the Brisbane CBD as our city hosted the G20 summit.  I also took Thursday as an annual leave day and enjoyed a lovely 4 day weekend.  on Friday my husband and I took a lovely boat cruise down the Tweed River to Tumbulgum and a return trip as well.  You can do a morning tea cruise down and they drive you back or you can do the morning tea/lunch cruise and have lunch on the way back, we had a lovely day.  Here are some photos, quite a few actually.  There a LOTS of photos of the Pelicans, I took 3 times as many but narrowed it down to these.

It was quite magical watching the Pelicans fly around and glide onto the water.
Happy Monday everyone,


  1. Looks like you made a wonderful time of your days off Kaylee - good for you! - love those pelicans, so big but so graceful.
    Hope the weather has cooled off a bit now - I see it was quite hot on the weekend?

  2. Great photos, I like pelicans too, love how they balance on the top of lights at our beach.


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