Monday, July 8, 2013


I am so happy with the sewing I was able to fit in this past weekend, I managed to spend several hours on my daughter's 21st memory quilt and am happy at how it is coming along - no photos yet.

A couple of months back I rummaged through the walk in linen cupboard and found a dozen tea towels I had bought many years ago as souvenirs which I have now washed and ironed and am now using them to make laundry bags for Aussie Heroes.  I also came across tea towels with year calendars on them which I bought the same years each of my girls were born.  I spent some time wondering what I could make with them for the girls and decided to make plastic bag holders. 

This one is for Kate and would you believe BLUE is her favourite colour.


This one is for Rebecca and her favourite colour is RED.

I also managed to make this Pink and White STAR block for Aussie Heroes. Fifteen people are making 1 star block each made with Pink and White fabric and they will all be made into a quilt.



  1. lovely work Kaylee.xx

  2. Hi Kaylee, what a great idea for the tea towels!!

  3. Great stuff Kaylee. Love the T towels!


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