Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am without a doubt THE proudest Mum on the planet right now .....  Kate is officially an accountant, she graduated on Tuesday night at QPAC, Southbank in Brisbane.  Kate is a very determined young lady and sees through everything she takes on, since finishing school she has worked full time as well as studying at Uni part-time for 6-1/2years for this degree paying her way as she goes with no debt to pay. I took LOTS of photos, here are a few I would like to share. She is not your run of the mill boring accountants, she is a gorgeous girl with a bubbly personality, everybody loves her instantly.
Firstly a couple taken outside before the ceremony.

This is a photo from where we were sitting, Kate is in the second row from the back..

I zoomed in with the camera a little here.

I have zoomed in more with this photo, Kate is in the second back row and in the middle.

This is Kate accepting her certificate from the Chancellor.

Back in her seat after being presented with her certificate.

Kate and her partner Josh.

A proud Dad

Proud Mum and Dad.

An extremely proud Mum.

Kate at home with her graduation gift from us - a Tahitian South Sea black pearl and a 9KT gold

The certificate.



  1. Fabulous. She is a gorgeous girl.

  2. Congrats to the new Graduate - what a wonderful accomplishment - working full time during her studies must have been hard at times... no wonder you are so proud of her Kaylee!! x

  3. Beautiful photos and a wonderful achievement for Kate.


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