Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I had a lovely surprise package waiting for me when I arrived home from work last night.  Last year I was busy making many baby items to send to Tokyo to a lovely young lady who had a gorgeous baby girl named Hibiki born on 8 December 2012.  It is tradition in Japan to give a gift on behalf of the baby to the people who give baby gifts. I opened the parcel and inside was a lovely wrapped gift box.

Inside was 2 gorgeous tin containers with fresh green tea leaves and also two of the most gorgeous tea cups I have ever seen.

I took a photo looking into the cups so you can see what I can see, do you see the heart shape?

On Sunday I will open the tea cans and make myself a lovely cup of fresh green tea.



  1. Kaylee what a wonderful parcel to receive they are very cut,enjoy your tea.xx

  2. What a lovely tradition Kaylee - and now you will think of the gorgeous new baby every time you use those cups - & yes I do see the heart shape. x


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