Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Horray, two more Christmas pressies finished, fill her skirt with candy canes and hang her near the front door for your visitors to help themselves on their way out...  She is supposed to be an angel and in the pattern she has large wings but I think she looks lovely just like this.

Just look at her cute little face :-)

AND Santa in a sack......

See who else is sharing in Tuesday treasures, pop over to Mel at The House on the Side of the Hill



  1. Kaylee the two of them are absolutely gorgeous!
    I love them! They will be a very cute addition to the Christmas decor in your home!

  2. Oh aren't they sweet. Trouble is I'd be hanging out by the dolly all the time stealing her sweeties. LOL! They look great.

  3. Soooo cute Kaylee.. I'd have to fight Michelle for the lollies by the sounds of it. Lovely treasures xx

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