Friday, November 23, 2012


This Sunday 25th November my husband and I will be celebrating our 34th Wedding anniversary. WOW pinch me, I cannot believe it.  We seemed to have had the odds against us right from the start, you see we had only been dating for 6 months when we were married, my Mother was so against it she wasn't coming to the Wedding so I phoned her the day before and said please come to my Wedding, she did come and wore a black short dress, 34 years ago you never wore black to a Wedding and you always wore a full length dress. Many years later I was told that my family sat around on the Sunday after our Wedding having bets on how long our Marriage would last, ummm well I am going to bet now that not one of them would have bet we would still be married now.  There was a beer strike on in QUEENSLAND at that time so we had to purchase bottled beer which came from south of the border at a great expense.  We decided to honeymoon in Sydney and Canberra, so we set off not knowing that when we reached Sydney there was a fuel strike on.  We spent a lot of our time driving around Sydney trying to find fuel stations that had fuel. So here we are 34 years later and still married, we have two beautiful daughters Kate 24 and Rebecca 20. Would you believe Stephen is the favourite Son in law. Here are a couple of our Wedding photos, they aren't real good as I took photos with my digitial camera of the original paper photos.




  1. Congratulations and good for you! Nothing better than showing the pessimists in life on how things can work out just fine if you just take that chance. So again congratulations and may you enjoy another 34 for years or more of wedded bliss.

  2. I agree good for you and congratulations too.

  3. A very happy anniversary to you both. We had something similar. Good for you. The best revenge is a happy life. You like so sweet. Just gorgeous. Have a wonderful day Sunday and many more to come.

  4. Kaylee I wish you & S a very happy day for your anniversary.
    Don't weddings seem to be one of those 'life occasions' that brings out the best & worst in people?!
    What a way to spend your Honeymoon... desperately looking for petrol!
    Congrats, my friend x

  5. Fabulous story. Can't believe how similar to mine it is. We laugh about it now.
    Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary. Loved reading about your wedding and honeymoon Kaylee..... you must have known in your hearts it was the right thing to do, even if your Mum didn't.. Love the photos too xx


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