Wednesday, August 29, 2012


WOW,  it's almost a month since I last did a BLOG post, where are they weeks going ?  I have been keeping very busy with work, stitching and knitting. I will have to do some BLOG posts on my projects very soon but for now I have something yummy to show you.  As I have mentioned in the past, I work for a Japanese company and we have visitors from Japan regularly and they always bring yummy treats with them. Just look at this lovely tray of gorgeous cup cakes, they are all individually wrapped and they are soooooo yummy.  This is something different, we haven't had these before.  We don't see anything like this in Australia, do we !!



  1. They wouldn't look that neat around me. LOL! Very sweet and cute Kaylee.

  2. They look so well packed Kaylee, but I'm with Michelle on this one, they would not stay neat around me! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of what you've been working on... x


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