Thursday, April 26, 2012


I joined in Heidi's "Quilters Day Swap", thankyou Heidi, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in my first secret swap. Tuesday night when I arrived home from work a wonderful surprise greeted me from Anthea . My favourite colour is RED which I am sure you will have no trouble in noticing as Anthea wrapped my pressie in RED paper and included a gorgeous post card where she lives, Mandurah WA, which is of course on the other side of our beautilful country to where I live, somewhere I would like to visit one day when we are travelling the life of "grey nomads" (I will never be a "GREY" nomad, maybe a "BLONDE" one though LOL..... 

AND inside the red paper is this gorgeous RED craft projects bag along with a RED matching pin cushion and RED needle book, I LOVE the colours and fabric so much, something I would have chosen myself. It is all made so beautifully, I was very surprised and happy and I felt like it was my Birthday when I opened the gift.

 The bag is fully lined and has pockets on the outside to fill with bits and bobs.

 The pin cushion is so cute, Anthea has put the fabric of a pin cushion in the centre. 

 The needle book is also cute with pockets on the inside as well for threads and needles.

I love everything you have made for me Anthea, thankyou so much.



  1. I'm so pleased you like everything Kaylee. I hope it's useful... xo

  2. Just beautiful Kaylee and it travelled such a long way....I am no 'grey nomad' either...blondie like you! For as long as I can too.

  3. Going grey way before my time LOL. Love your swap pressies and such useful items too.


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