Monday, February 20, 2012


On Saturday I tried to make Labneh Cheese which I saw on Teresa's blog over at All Things Vintage. So far it has not set, I have used Low Fat Greek yogurt and I think this maybe the reason. I want to give it another try this weekend using full fat yogurt. I haven't bought full fat of anything in years, I only ever look at low fat products. This is the whey from the yogurt.

This is the yogurt in my colinder.

I decided to make some delicious scones from the whey.

My hubby and I enjoyed delicious home made scones and cappuccinos yesterday. Yes the cream is missing, I don't have cream in the fridge on hand and as it was a last minute decision to make the scones instead of pouring the whey down the sink we had scones and jam. They were still yummy. I have a great scone recipe my Mum gave me years ago, she uses icing sugar in place of sugar, they are so light and fluffy. Of course I knead them and roll them perfectly which makes them so yummy :-)




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  1. I bought some yoghurt to try this... great to see you can use the whey is scones


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