Monday, February 27, 2012


My eldest daughter Kate and her boy friend Josh went to Thailand for 12 days on 28 January and they had a wonder time, did lots of tours and sight seeing, here are a few photos.

Kate brought back some wonderful pressies for all of us, here are mine, I absolutely love this necklace and matching bracelet, they are so easy to put on, it's a magnet clasp. It is in white, silver and dusky pink pearl.

This gorgeous parasol with lovely paintings/drawings on it.

and a lovely lipstick case in Maroon, of course (QUEENSLANDER !!!) with gorgeous gold elephants.

My one request before Kate left was - please buy my some gorgeous Thai material for me, which I paid for and she did very well, I love it all, these first two pieces are Thai Silk, both 2 mtrs each, one piece plain red and the other red with gold thread, I think I'd like to make a lovely skirt with the red and gold thread piece.

This is a close up of the gold border.

This piece is so stunning in a gorgeous pink with gold elephants, this piece is 4 mtrs and is a mixture of Thai silk and something else which Kate could not remember.

This piece also has a gorgeous border on it.

This gorgeous purple piece is also 4 mtrs.

I am so happy, Kate picked very good for me. The 4 pieces amount to 10mtrs of material and only cost $70 Australian which equals to $5.80/mtr, how amazing is that for beautiful Thai silk material. At this stage I am not sure what I'll use it all for but I am most happy to have it in my stash. Maybe a couple of lovely cushion covers and more..........




  1. Beautiful photos Kaylee and such nice gifts. Can't wait to see what you do with your silk fabric. Good to see you are keeping the "Queensland" colours flying. Tee hee!

  2. Thailand have such beautiful silk, I bought a stack of it when I was there last june and plan to make some William Morris style cushions with it. ( On my to do list )


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