Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today I am bringing along Jessie May to Melody's Picnic, I love this pattern, over the years I have made a total of 10 Jessie May's and give away 6 family and friends, I have made them in different colours (button hair and dresses), 3 of the 10 are Brown Jessie May's, and a few of them have raggy hair, I prefer the button ones, it takes many hours to sew all the buttons on the head though. This particular Jessie May I entered into the Caboolture show 7 years ago and she won 1st prize, I was so excited, this is the very first time I put some items in a show, I entered 5 items and I won 2 firsts and 3 seconds. I have found it difficult to give away this Jessie May, the very first Jessie May I made my myself is in dark pink/maroon colours, I shall bring her to the picnic in the future.
Do you have someone to bring along to the picnic today ?



  1. She is Just Darling!!! I used to make dolls WAY BACK during the Cabbage Patch Frenzy... I started making them for little girls that wanted a doll and continued for about 15years... You have reminded me "I must go up in the attic" and find "My Girls"! You do such beautiful work... Thank you for sharing! As soon as you post the LINKY for the picnic I'll link in with my post!

  2. Jessie May is lovely and I love the button hair.
    Congrats on the win at the show. Well done! I hope she doesn't lose her lovely winners ribbon playing with all those bears and rabbits today.

  3. She is such a beautiful girl. Congratulations on all those wins. How wonderful.

  4. How cute is Jessie May i love her colours,well done with show prizes

  5. She is rather lovely. I do admire your patience sewing on all those buttons. Have a lovely picnic!

  6. Jessie May is adorable and congratulations on the win .

  7. Jessie May is a gorgeous girl, I can see why you are keeping her in your collection. Hope she has a lovely time at the Picnic.

  8. Jessie May is lovely. Well done on winning so much at your first show. Love the button hair

  9. Jessie May is lovely Kaylee. I have made a 'button head' doll too and I think they are so cute. Congratulations on the win and it is very deserving. Hope you had a wonderful Easter xx


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