Monday, April 11, 2011


WOOHOO !!!! I have been so excited since last Tuesday when we made the decision to buy ourselves a BRAND NEW car, this is our very first brand new vehicle and we have had LOTS of cars over the past 32-1/2 years. It's a DODGE NITRO, the children will be most upset with us as we are spending their inheritance........... I DON'T care, they can make their own, my theory is we earned it we can spend it LOL. We collected it on Saturday morning, the colour is "INFERNO RED" not sure if you know but RED is my fav colour...... I'm sooooo excited......



  1. ohhh Kaylee very nice and love the colour,you'll have some fun with this car.

  2. The car looks great . I love the colour. Shouldn't you be on the bonnet :D

  3. Very, very Swish Kaylee. You do know RED cars go faster don't you!!!

  4. Very, very NICE!!!! Love it, love the colour! How exciting for you :)


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