Tuesday, July 23, 2013


My youngest daughter turns 21 on 1st August and I am making for a photo memory quilt as part of her gifts.  I have been working on it for the past couple of months in between other projects, I spent quite a few hours on it last weekend and this is my progress so far.  I ran out of the red and cream in between blocks. I need to make more of these red and cream in between blocks, first I needed to cut the 2-1/2 inch strips which is time consuming.

So this is where my new Accuquilt Go came in real handy, one of the dies I purchased when buying the GO was the 2-1/2 inch strip cutter, it cuts 3 strips across and you can cut up to 6 layers at a time. So I cut out my remainder red and cream strips in a matter of minutes. I didn't have the Go when I cut the strips for the first lot of the blocks, WOW let me tell you it was so quick and the stips so perfect, VERY happy......



  1. Oh that will be so special for you DD...something to keep and treasure from her Mum. Lovely.

  2. A beautiful keepsake Kaylee. Sharyn:)

  3. Well the Go was a great purchase wasn't it Kaylee?! The quilt is coming along beautifully, what a wonderful piece it will be when the 21st arrives!! x