Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Hello ladies, I 'm baaaaack from my 5 week trip to Japan, I arrived home 2 weeks ago today. I promise I will do multiple blog posts about my travels soon.  However on the 24th March 2018, 4 days before I departed Australia for my "trip of a lifetime" we celebrated our eldest daughter, Kate's 30th Birthday.  I can still remember being pregnant over 30 years ago with my first born, the years now seem to have flown by. I made both my girls a memory quilt for each of their 21st Birthdays and they don't use them, they were meant to be used but neither of them want to.  I decided to make Kate a quilt for her 30th Birthday, something she will feel comfortable using, for several years now I have had a layer cake and a charm pack of  "Miss Kate" by Bonnie & Camille in my stash waiting to make a quilt for Kate when I felt the time was right. So I set my plan in motion last December and decided that her 30th Birthday would be perfect for this quilt.  Initially I was going to make a "present" block quilt and changed my mind and decided to go with a "quart jar" and "pint jar" combined block quilt.  I love the tutorials by Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company. So last December I cut out all of the fabric and started sewing the blocks together in late January.  I had also made the decision to have it professionally quilted and it came out beautifully, I am happy I went with that decision.

This photo is after it came back from the quilters and ready for me to hand stitch the binding.

                                                            A close up of the quilting

                                                 Completed quilt with the binding

I hand embroidered the label for the quilt, I have always sewn the labels at the bottom of quilts I make however this time I put it at the top in the middle (on back of quilt) so when Kate is cuddled up with it the label is close to her heart.

                                                       Another close up of the quilting

                      Kate loves her quilt I made with so much love and joy with each stich I made

Kate at home cutting the cake I made her

                                                          Kate and I at the restaurant

                                                                  Kate with Mum & Dad

                                                        Kate and Grandma (my Mum)

                                                               Kate & Josh

                                                             My two Gorgeous girls

                                                                     With their cousin

                                                                   Having a laugh

We celebrated a wonderful night for Kate's 30th Birthday.  There are more big celebrations in store for our family this year, Stephen and I both turn 60this year, we celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary in November this year and my Mum turns 80 in December.

                                                   HAPPY TUESDAY LADIES


  1. What a lovely quilt for your Kate! You have a full-on year ahead!

  2. The quilt you have made for Kate is beautiful, lovley to see the family photos, everyone looks very happy. Lots of celebrations coming this year!! 😆😆

  3. Oh Kaylee the quilt is beautiful, you did a marvelous job & the fabrics are just lovely! I love the way you did the label & the meaning in it for you both. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday xx



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