Friday, February 2, 2018


Oh gosh this heat we've been having on the East Coast has been terrible.  We put the aircon on in the bedroom at night as it's too uncomfortable to sleep.  Thank goodness a change came through last night with some rain and the temps today were about 8-10 degrees lower, so much more comfortable to do things around the house plus I did 85 minutes on the treadmill before breakfast this morning.

These are the last two gifts I'm making to take to Japan with me, two aprons, the lavender one is for a 30 year old. Since taking the photos I have washed the aprons and still need to iron them before gift wrapping them.

This one is for a 80 year old lady, the wife of one of my ex Managers from the 1980's, she made me the most gorgeous crochet table cloth and food cover when I left work in 1988 to have Kate. I wanted to add something of Australia to the aprons, can you see the Kangaroo fabric on the bottom of each one? I received the fabric from my Australia Day swap.  I have also added a crocheted doily to the lavender apron and a tatting doily to the apron below.  My grandma made these and they're over 60 years ago.  I have a good stash of them and would like to use them in projects so they're not sent to a thrift shop in the future.

My BFF and I will be turning 60 this year.  I have already purchased a gorgeous gift for my BFF and also wanted to make her something which I know she'll love. Two Birthday's ago my Bloggy friend Anthea made me a gorgeous craft carry all bag for my Birthday which I love and use to carry my craft projects in when we travel in the van. My BFF loved the bag when I received it from Anthea so I know she'll love one too. I cut it out on Monday and worked on it over a couple of days and completed it yesterday.  I'm really happy with it and  quite sure my BFF will love it too. I've added two photos as when I took the photo below it didn't really show the real colours for some reason.  The fabric is pink and white check gingham with cupcakes.  My BFF doesn't read my BLOG so she won't see this post.

                     I took this photo with a flash and I think it shows the colours a little better.

I had these gorgeous cupcake buttons in my stash and I thought they'd be great on the bag. How cute are they !!!



  1. The aprons are beautiful, love the touch of your adding the doilies. Nice to see them used. The bag is wonderful your BFf will be so happy.

  2. Hi Kaylee i love your aprons,wonderful gifts to take to Japan,and your BFF is going to love her new bag what a wonderful idea and i love the colour and fabrics you have chosen,well done xx

  3. How nice to see the kangaroos hopping over to japan and I love the addition of the doilies - so much nicer to share the love.

  4. Lovely aprons and beautiful bag. You must be getting excited about your trip. It has been yuk weather wise hasn't it!


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