Friday, December 1, 2017


A whole month has gone by without a post from me, well since I last posted on here we were away in our caravan on two trips, the first one for 2 weeks, then home for 1 week and gone again for nearly 3 weeks and we've been home a week today. We had a wonderful time away in our van going to Woolgoolga and Ballina for the first trip and then to Port Macquarie, Nambucca Heads, Yamba and Evans Head for the second trip. I have a ton of photos and need to transfer them to my computer before I can do a BLOG post.

In our travels I have been doing some reading and Chicken Scratch on a table cloth and also finished BLOCK # 1 of "Love Is" BOM by Rosalie Quinlan. I've also started on BLOCK # 2. I love the embroidery thread colour DMC 3831, it's a Raspberry colour.

In the week in between our two trips I decided I needed a peg bag as I only had the pegs in a plastic zip bag and was very inconvenient so I made myself this apron peg bag for the van and it's also storage for the pegs, hence the zip.  I love it, so handy.


I've wanted a Sue Daley Rotating cutting mat for some time but at $39.60 I couldn't justify the price so I improvised with my own.  I received an email from Patchwork with Busyfingers 2 days ago and they have some specials on their web site so was really impressed when I saw the little package below for $99.99 with free postage. The package included the Sue Daley rotating mat which sells for $39.60, so adding up everything individually this was a really good buy so I made an executive decision to treat myself for Christmas as I hadn't joined any BLOG Christmas swaps this year.

Getting back to my own version of the rotating mat, I really couldn't justify spending $39.60 so last year I found a black rotating mat in China for $7.99 which has grooves in it and so I would use it with a small green cutting mat on it. How lovely is my Sue Daley rotating mat with the pink on top, it doesn't compare to my make shift one....

Well to my surprise and shock when I turned it over its the exact same mat as mine which I paid $7.99 for.  So actually this made me a little mad as essentially it's the same as the Sue Daley one and they charge $39.60 and the only difference being they have added the pink piece on top and it's just glued on as I could easily life it off with my finger nail.  Well I'm sorry ladies but really how can it be worth $39.60. They are making tons of profit on these. They could easily afford to sell them for $25  to make them more reasonable. Also as you can imagine they would buy them in bulk and would be paying less than $7.99 each for them.  So in actual fact I'm not as happy as I first was when I placed the order.

Ho hum we live and learn, just beware if you don't already have one and you'd love one, make your own.  I had asked my husband a couple of times if we could go to a cabinetmakers to see if we could obtain a small offcut to hot glue onto mine but it never got done........

Happy Friday everyone.



  1. Lovely stitchery and peg bag. It's amazing to hear about the rotary mats and difference in price.

    1. Thank you Helen, yes I was shocked it was the exact same rotating mat. When I watch Sue using it on her You Tubes I thought it would be made of timber... Cheers Kaylee

  2. Love your's one of my fav quilts. Glad you have been enjoying your van x

  3. What a very pretty start to your new project Kaylee, I love that project & your thread colour will be perfect for it.

    As for the rotating mat, what a strange situation... so sorry to read of your disappointment.


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