Monday, July 27, 2015


My gifts came from Kim, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the gifts Kim made and sent to,  I was very spoilt.

I received this lovely fabric basket.

This is a wall hanging quilt, look at all of that wonderful embroidery.

This is also a wall quilt, bigger than the one above, as you can see by the floor tiles. I love all the embroidery, the colours - my favourite colour being red of course.

It didn't take me long to fill the fabric basket with fat quarters and other goodies.

My partner Pat doesn't have a BLOG, this is what I sent to her.

I made this snowman fabric heart Christmas tree ornament.

I made this table placemat with felt and embroidery.

I really enjoyed making and piecing together this placemat.

I also sent pat a few extra goodies, this great Christmas oven mit.

Some floating candles

And also a fat quarter.

Thank you Cheryll for organising this wonderful swap, it was so much fun.  Looking forward to
Christmas in July 2016.....



  1. Great gifts both to and from you. I love those snowmen peeking in the window. It's such great fun to make and swap, then see what everyone else has. Thanks for visiting my blog, too :)

  2. such lovely swap goodies,this is such a fun swap xx

  3. I love the rework embroidery - think I'll have to try doing some of this.

  4. Kim sent gorgeous gifts didn't she..woohoo.
    And your gifts are wonderful as well... Happy Christmas in July. Hohoho

  5. Beautiful gifts sent and received...hasn't this been a great swap.


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