Monday, May 25, 2015


I was thrilled and honoured to have been involved in making a block for the Centenary ANZAC quilt for Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry bags, last week in the mail I received this folder in the mail which contains photos of the quilt along with a Certificate of Appreciation and a letter from The Rear Admiral, Commander joint Task Force 633.  I was so chuffed and thrilled and teary, such a surprise.

I am currently working on two Aussie Hero Quilts, this is one of the quilts, firstly yesterday morning I sandwiched the quilt together.

Then in the afternoon I quilted this quilt, so now I only have to bind the quilt and sew the label on the back. Then to finish the second quilt I am working on.



  1. Lovely to see your certificate and letters...was a wonderful surprise wasn't it!! The quilt you are working on looks amazing!

  2. Congratulations on receiving that certificate. It's nice to have all your hard work acknowledged. The new quilt is looking lovely. Well done girl!


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