Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Celebrating ANZAC Day 2015 and 100 years landing at Gallipoli.  

Friday buying my ANZAC badge from an Aussie Hero.

Saturday morning Rebecca and I attended the Dawn Service and re-enactment at Jack Evans Boat Harbour, Tweed Heads.  We arrived at 3.50am and there were already lots of people there, we found ourselves a nice little pozzie, it started just over an hour later, by that time there were thousands of people there. The re-enactment was done so well and it was soooo loud. 

I also managed to make my traditional ANZAC biscuits.

I also managed to squeeze in sewing a quilt top for an active serving Aussie Hero. It was a very big day.


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  1. That looks like an interesting and busy day Kaylee....your biscuits look lovely....are you doing a quilt or laundry bag? Or both? Fabrics look great!


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