Tuesday, September 2, 2014


These were posted off today, I finished the cord casing last night on the last one and threaded the cord into the bags (after these photos were taken) and then packaged them up for posting today.            

The request for the first two was for "blue", this was the only blue fabric I had in my stash so I hope they are well received.

The request for this one was for an Australian flag/anything Australian, this was my last fabric panel of an Australian flag, if anyone comes across these in their travels please let me know as I'd love some more. This is the front of the bag, this one should tick all the boxes of the request.

I used fabric for the back of this bag from a single bed Disney print quilt cover.  I fussy cut Tinkerbell for the back panel as I thought she looked so cute.



  1. Brilliant job - I am sure they will be really appreciated

  2. Great job, they will be loved!! I have seen Australian flag fabric at Spotlight....both big and little flags.

  3. I just bought some flag panels from Spotlight DFO. essendon.. Victoria.
    Maybe you could phone some spotlight stores or email the online store


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