Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I attended high school from the years 1971 - 1973 (Grades 8-10) at Marian Secondary School for Girls in North Rockhampton.  Last year was 40 years since leaving school, as these things take quite a while to locate people and then to organise things we finally celebrated our 40th school reunion on the 31st May 2014 in Rockhampton.  It took me quite a while to get my head around the whole - 40 years since leaving school thing !!!
So when looking through the photos you will be wondering why guys there when it was a school for girls, we went to a Catholic school so for those of you who don't know firstly in primary school we had both boys and girls from Grades 1-4, the boys then left and went to an all boys school - "St. Stanislaus". After grade 7 us girls then went on to Marian, both schools were next to each other and in grade 9 and 10 we had some co-ed classes so we all became friends once again.  The girls and guys had a separate 20 year reunion in 1993, we decided a joint Marian/St.Stans joint one for the 40 year reunion would be great to get everyone together and it was great fun.  My husband attended St. Stans but we didn't go to primary school together, my primary school was St. Mary's in North Rockhampton and Stephen's primary school was St. Joseph's in Park Avenue.  As there were only 2 catholic high schools for boys and girls in Rockhampton, one being on the North side and one on the South side, there were boys and girls from different primary schools attending the same high school.
Firstly in the afternoon we had a "meet and greet" at the local bowls club and then we played some "bare foot bowls", it was the first time for all of us, we had a great time, lots of laughs had by all.  The guy in the blue shirt started the ball rolling and instrumental in locating most of us for the reunion, the other six (moi in the green shirt) was our team for the bowls.
This is the group of girls that attended from Marian - 19, a great effort as only a handful still live in Rockhampton, most of us travelled to be there. I am sitting in the front row on the right with the black and white blouse.

Here we are again......

Here is a photo taken in October 1993 of our 20 year school reunion, this was taken after an afternoon tea held in one of the class rooms at the school, then we went to dinner with our partners. In this photo I am in the front row with navy blazer and short blonde hair.

This is our grade 10 photo, innocent little 15 year olds......  I am in the black row on the far right.

Here is a group photo with Marian girls and St. Stan boys.

A photo of the guys that attended.  My husband, Stephen is sitting down in front row with a blue shirt on between the two with glasses.

This group started primary school together at St. Mary's in 1964 - 50 years ago.

And here we are as cute little 5/6 year olds.   Can you see me ?  I am in the first row of girls third from the right with the short blonde hair...

Here we all are just after our "First Holy Communion"

This is me with Libby, my best friend through the whole of school from Grade 1 - 10, it's such a shame we lost contact for a lot of years.  We are now FB friends and it's great to chat from time to time.  Libby has 4 children and 10 grand children.... meanwhile neither of my girls are married yet.
Here I am with Donna, another great friend from school, we certainly had some fun times.

Ahhh the memories, I wouldn't have missed it.  We are having another reunion for our 45 years in 2018 and I am organising it, yikes.......  As we were all chatting through the night we discovered the majority come from South East Queensland now and most had to travel for the reunion so the next one is going to be down Gold Coast way......  By then most should be retired....


  1. Hi Kaylee , wow what a blast after all the years, to see your school friends! Great pics...

    I'm sorry to read of your Dad passing away - he sounds like a fine man who will be sorely missed... big hugs to you xx

  2. Looks like lots of fun was had by all


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