Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Who said is has to be all work and no play, it can be both - it was for me today... I was lucky enough to be invited to the "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" at the Stamford Plaza today, the food was sensational, if you get the chance to treat yourself you'll be glad you did, it was awesome. There were a few tables of Mum's with their young daughter's and they looked so cute, the little girls were dressed so lovely in their party dresses.  I would have loved to have taken photos of them but in this day and age - I didn't want to appear creepy.....


                                                      The main table looked fabulous.

The high tea tables looked gorgeous too. 

The china tea cups and saucers were so lovely.

This is the high tea triple tier of food.

                                   We had two at our table, this is me looking between the two. 

                            A delicate prawn cocktail with 2 prawns, I had three of these.........

                                                A cute little bottle of Vodka and orange .

                                The sweetest little sandwiches with edible gold leaf on top.

                                  The most glorious red velvet cupcake I have ever eaten.

                                                    AND a goodie box to take home. 

Then back to work and reality.... Ahhh I will miss these days when I stop working.



  1. Wow, what a wonderful event. Everything looks fabulous

  2. Oh wow! What a delightful way to spend time. Everything looked gorgeous!!! Adore that pretty teacup. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. You, creepy, never...looks like an awesome way to spend an afternoon....


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