Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I made these two sweet little dresses on Sunday, the smaller one is for my friends Grand Daughter who is turning two later in the year. The other is for my daughter's God Daughter who turned two in March. They don't know each other, one lives in Brisbane and one lives in Clermont (CQ) so they won't run into each other at the local shopping centre "wearing the same dress". Kate is going to Clermont on Wednesday night for 4 days so she will be giving this to Kenzie, I am hoping it fits, if not I said to Kate to tell her Mother that Kenzie can wear it over jeans, leggings or shorts and I can maker her another.



  1. very cute Kaylee,well done.xx

  2. they would be great as tops too, which is why it is such a good pattern.


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