Friday, May 11, 2012


I have mentioned in the past we live at Tweed Heads and I work in Brisbane CBD and my husband at Kedron, a northern suburb of Brisbane, we travel 1200klms a week to and from work. So we need a very economical car to drive and something very reliable, we have been driving a Nissan pulsar since about June 2008 to do this for us, it costs us about $25 a day and we need to fill up with fuel every 2nd day so we are spending around $550-$600 a month on fuel depending on fuel prices on the particular days we need to fill up. It has been a wonderfully reliable car and my husband (a motor tech by trade) gives it regular services etc.  She's now done around 290,000klms, well yesterday she must have decided she needed a well earned rest, as Stephen was driving to collect me from work she overheated and we have a blown head gasket.  This is in Brisbane CBD in peak hour traffic so it was a real dilemma where to pull over, we managed to make it to the cul-de-sac at the city Botanical Gardens entrance. It was around 4.50pm, we waited and waited and waited, finally the tow truck turned up at 7.10pm, we had the car towed to Stephen's work at Kedron and luckily they have night shift staff and there was a spare car available so we drove to Kate's (our eldest daughter) place arriving at 8.25pm had some late dinner.  Kate lent me clothes to wear to bed and washed my work clothes and put them in the dryer and I am wearing the same outfit to work work today. OMG what an adventure for a Thursday night..........   So the next dilemma is - how do we get home tonight ............

This is the car being loaded onto the tow truck.


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  1. OMG what a night you've had. I hope tonight is much better!!!! Nothing worse than breaking down... and in peak hour traffic!!!!


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