Monday, July 25, 2011


I came up with an idea for some gifts to go in my Christmas stash basket. So firstly I drafted out my pattern onto this PVC......

and then I cut out the fabric for FIVE of these gifts. Does anyone have some tips for me to sew circles? I find it very difficult and am not very good at it.......
Curiours!!! I will show photos of the finished items in due course.

I wanted to find myself a project when watching tele, Kate my eldest daughter needs some hand towels in the kitchen so I cut a couple of new tea towels in half and zig zagged the top edge and crocheted them Saturday night. AND so I don't get into trouble from Rebecca, the youngest daughter I also cut another in half and will crochet the tops this week, these will be for her Glory Box, I don't know if this is old fashioned these days BUT I think it's important for young ones to have their Glory Boxes. Their Grandmother (my Mum) has been giving them small items along with their Birthday and Christmas pressies for their Glory Box for some years now and I buy things for them from time to time also. A bit different from my day when I would have towels, sheets etc on layby and each payday would pay something off them. This is something I tried to encourage my girls to do BUT they always find something else to spend their money on.

Happy Monday everyone



  1. love the kitchen towels Kaylee and i love the glory box idea,i had 1 and it was the best thing when you start off on your own.

  2. I am a bit curious about your circles. I have no idea of how you are going to sew them. I don't think there is as much need for a glory box these days as there used to be. Everything is so accessible and there are many cheap and quite good things available. I have to admit that I tend to collect things for myself when I see something I want on special and I put it away for later :)

  3. Very intriguing.....I would be lost without my crochet topped handtowels. I think it's nice to have a little collection of things you like for when you at least leave home. Scary to think we are now 'old fashioned' who would've thunk it!


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