Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sharing Tuesday's treasures for this week was most definately Mother's Day spent with my family, my two beautiful girls, Kate and Rebecca, as they both now live in Brisbane I only see them now and then. They came on Saturday morning and spent the weekend with us and I treasured every minute of it.
The first photo of my two girls and me.

Stephen (hubbie), Kate and I.
Stephen, Rebbecca and I

Kate making scrambled eggs for brekkie.

My Mother's Day brekkie
This beautiful card and coffee cup from Kate

Kate gave me this beautiful Thomas Sabo bracelet for Christmas with the "K" and for Mother's Day my two girls gave me the gorgeous little red shoe.

We had the most wonderful day together, it went way too fast and it seemed in no time my girls had to leave to go home, I had tears in my eyes saying goodbye not know when I will see them again.............

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  1. How special Kaylee,glad you had a wonderful weekend,treasured time together cant beat it.

  2. Lovely day and lovely photos - real treasures.
    I love your bracelet and your brekkie looked yummo!

  3. Glad you had a good day. I got a call from DS1 in Canberra and then we skyped but not the same as having real hugs! So hard when they are away but they do have to grow up .

  4. Beautiful photos. What lovely girls. So glad you had a great Mother's Day.

  5. Treasured Memories Kaylee, our Families realy are our greatest Treasures, knowing they are happy is all we need. Cheers R.

  6. A treasured memory for you, Kaylee. Your girls are lovely - treasures in their own right.

  7. What a lovely Mothers' Day. Your daughters look delightful. I love the red shoe charm. One daughter and my mum are getting together tomorrow.

  8. Daughters are very special Kaylee, yours are gorgeous... You look like you were very spoilt..

  9. You can't ask for a better Mothers Day than to spend it with your girls , very special and indeed a treasure .


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