Thursday, February 3, 2011


Poor Queensland, my beloved state has seen LOTS of destruction this year and the year is very new. I may now live in NSW (Tweed Heads), as the crow flies I am only a couple of kms from the Coolangatta airport. I was born and raised and lived in Rockhampton for the first 20 years of my life and then moved to Brisbane where we lived for 30 years - I WILL ALWAYS be a QUEENSLANDER (no matter of the address) and wear my MAROON jersey with pride every State of Origin and other times as well - he he he :-)
I was so pleased to hear on the news this morning that the destruction wasn't as bad as they predicted and from what we are hearing everyone is alive and well. Thankyou GOD :-) I also just read some wonderful news on the "Gum Tree Designers" BLOG that Jenny and her family are safe.
I have commited to make 4 "NEW BEGINNINGS" kits. I have now completed all of the embroidery and will start this weekend sewing together the needle keeps, pin cushions and scissor keeps. I work full time in Brisbane CBD and travel each day with my husband (the driver) from Tweeds Heads to work. I like to utilise my time in the afternoons with stitchery etc so I have managed to complete my stitching for these kits this week which I am very happy about. I went to Lincraft in my lunch break today and purchased some fabrics to start sewing this weekend.

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