Monday, February 1, 2010


I finished all 4 "Cheeki" dolls last week. One is for me and the other 3 for Birthday gifts through the year.

The story of Cheeki:

An Australian soldier (from Brisbane) named "Charlie" married a Japanese girl after WWII and brought her to Brisbane to live, they had a daughter named "Cheeki". Charlie opened a Sushi Train in Brisbane and Cheeki worked with her father at the Sushi Train.

Kaylee xx


  1. They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! well done!!!!!
    You should have displayed some sushi as well !

  2. Oh They are gorgeous! Just Gorgeous!
    I have tried to respond to your comment on my blog but the email keeps bouncing...grrrr....
    This is what I said in regards to my cupcakes...

    Thanks so much.
    It is my all consuming obsession and hobby.
    No Book,That is something I hope to do....Me,Actually write one:)

    It was trial and error for two years Of using different mediums to find what is now my perfect recipe for me.

    Am now following you so Be back soon:)


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