Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Christmas morning and we are having Ham and Scrambled Eggs for brekkie, the apron I am wearing is one of the 2009 ADVENT SWAP pressies I received from my swap partner, Nannette from Salt Lake City.


  1. Hi kaylee... thnaks for stopping bu my blog... I couldn't reply to your Q as it wouldn't send to your email addy... so I'll answer here..... I learnt to quilt at a 'Dont Look Now' workshop... absolutely fantastic and so wortht eh money... if you can get to one well worth it... Kellie is an amazing teacher.... also check out this
    she does amazing quilting too... but different but good stippling...
    Hugs and thanks for stopping by
    Dawn x x

  2. Hi Kaylee, I couldn't reply to your comment on my blog either.... it bounced back saying it wasn't a valid email address. So I will answer your question re my quilt label here... unfortunately I didn't make it...I bought it at a craft show a few years back. Lovely, though hey? Thanks for your comment, cheers, Teresa xx


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