Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This past weekend I was sooooo busy preparing for Christmas, I started on Friday night and it continued for 48 hours, my feet were very sore on Sunday night, I did the usual house -
work on the weekend and wrapped Christmas presents and also did my Christmas cooking ready for the in-laws to arrive yesterday for their 2 weeks holiday. We are also taking 2
weeks annual leave from Christmas Eve, I am so looking forward to morning sleepins instead
of rising at 4.50am Mon-Fri to go to work.

Here are some photos of the goodies I baked on the weekend.

Weight Watchers Christmas cake recipe, it's soooo easy and Yummy, soak 1kg of Mixed Fruit
in 2 cups of strong black coffee overnight (I also add some Bundy Rum to mine), next day add 150g of chopped fruit and nut chocolate and 2 cups of self raising flour, bake in 160 deg
oven for 2 hours, you may need to cover with alfoil for some of the time as it starts to burn
the fruit a little.

These are individual Christmas puddings, also a WW recipe.

Rocky Road, this was just from my head - 1 pkt of chopped up Allen's snakes, 1 pkt of small
marshmallows, 1 chopped cherry ripe bar, 2 chopped turkish delight bars, a small packet of
unsalted nuts, I melted some dark and milk chocolate button melts together and poured
over the top, popped into the fridge overnight and cut into slices voila.

My favourite Rum Balls

White Christmas, I used a new recipe this year. I have never liked White Christmas however
my husband loves it so I make it for him and then end up throwing a lot away each year, I
hate the taste of the copha in it - this year I found a recipe using white choc button melts
instead of the copha and it is actually quite nice. This year I decided I will make some little packets of my goodies and take into my work friends instead of throwing away. Instead of
mixed fruit in the White Christmas I have used sultanas, chopped cherries and some chopped nuts.

Christmas Star and Christmas tree biscuits, this is the first time I have made these, the recipe was in the Dec 2008 WW magazine, they are yummy also.

I think I have enough Christmas goodies to put out for everyone to enjoy.


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