Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today's Tuesday treasure I would like to share is the weekend with family and friends. My eldest daughter Kate came to visit for the weekend, firstly we went shopping Saturday morning, hubby and I first collected our new glasses from Specsavers and they are very snazzy, we are very happy, two pairs and no gap, you have to be happy with that.  Kate purchased a few things from K-Mart and then she wanted to look at some jeans from Jeans West, ladies if you are curvy and cannot find jeans to fit like Kate and I, head out now to Jeans West and buy yourself a pair of "Curve Embracer" jeans, they are brilliant and you will fit into a much smaller size than you thought possible. I was not in the market for jeans however at the moment Jeans West are selling 2 pairs for $99 so Kate talked me into a pair, there wasn't much talking into after I tried on a pair of "Curve Embracer" jeans.  Okay guys so now you have perfected a jean for the "curvy" lady how about for short as well.  I altered Kate's on Saturday afternoon and mine on Sunday morning, I cut off 4" and allowed 1-1/4" for the hem.

Here they are all finished and ready for wearing, no not really I need to wash and iron them first.

Saturday afternoon/evening we headed over Twin Towns RSL for some Keno and drinks.
So here we are enjoying some lovely drinks, Me, Rebecca and Kate.

Friends were staying at Coolie for a few days so we caught up with them as well on Saturday night. This is my friend Vicki, we have known each other since we were 14. Here we are celebrating being "long time friends".

So what are you sharing today? Thankyou to Melody for hosting Tuesday Treasures again.



  1. Nothing like time with family and friends.Looks like a great time was had by all.If I had known you were taking up jeans I would have bought my newies over...hate that job!

  2. Looks like the most fabulous time was had by all. Thanks for the tip about the jeans and thank you too for linking in with Tuesday Treasures.

  3. How special to have time with family and friends and glad you found some comfy jeans . Hugs



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