Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The week before last I was on annual leave and was happy to have some finishes for my Christmas stash. First is this sewing machine cover I made for my eldest daughter. She inherited my machine when I was given a new one for my Birthday 2 years ago. Mind you it is still in the box, she is very busy with full time work and part time uni so doesn't get a chance to do any sewing at this point, but one day........

The pattern is from a Country Threads mag V12 No 2. I am also making one for my machine in between Christmas gift sewing.

I also managed to make 5 of these and I have put Christmas serviettes in them as well.
I have this pattern in a two page photo copy someone gave me years ago so I don't know what mag it is from....




  1. The sewing machine cover is great. I have been a bit remiss at covering my machine when not in use. I don't have a fancy cover so I think that should go on my list of things for me. I made my daughter a lovely overlocker cover last year. The serviette holders are a fabulous idea. Yours are very pretty.

  2. Beautiful gifts and I am sure they will be recieved with delight.

  3. You have been so productive. Well done.



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