Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This past weekend I was sooooo busy preparing for Christmas, I started on Friday night and it continued for 48 hours, my feet were very sore on Sunday night, I did the usual house -
work on the weekend and wrapped Christmas presents and also did my Christmas cooking ready for the in-laws to arrive yesterday for their 2 weeks holiday. We are also taking 2
weeks annual leave from Christmas Eve, I am so looking forward to morning sleepins instead
of rising at 4.50am Mon-Fri to go to work.

Here are some photos of the goodies I baked on the weekend.

Weight Watchers Christmas cake recipe, it's soooo easy and Yummy, soak 1kg of Mixed Fruit
in 2 cups of strong black coffee overnight (I also add some Bundy Rum to mine), next day add 150g of chopped fruit and nut chocolate and 2 cups of self raising flour, bake in 160 deg
oven for 2 hours, you may need to cover with alfoil for some of the time as it starts to burn
the fruit a little.

These are individual Christmas puddings, also a WW recipe.

Rocky Road, this was just from my head - 1 pkt of chopped up Allen's snakes, 1 pkt of small
marshmallows, 1 chopped cherry ripe bar, 2 chopped turkish delight bars, a small packet of
unsalted nuts, I melted some dark and milk chocolate button melts together and poured
over the top, popped into the fridge overnight and cut into slices voila.

My favourite Rum Balls

White Christmas, I used a new recipe this year. I have never liked White Christmas however
my husband loves it so I make it for him and then end up throwing a lot away each year, I
hate the taste of the copha in it - this year I found a recipe using white choc button melts
instead of the copha and it is actually quite nice. This year I decided I will make some little packets of my goodies and take into my work friends instead of throwing away. Instead of
mixed fruit in the White Christmas I have used sultanas, chopped cherries and some chopped nuts.

Christmas Star and Christmas tree biscuits, this is the first time I have made these, the recipe was in the Dec 2008 WW magazine, they are yummy also.

I think I have enough Christmas goodies to put out for everyone to enjoy.



I put my tree and house decorations up a few weeks back and have been too busy to take photos so on the weekend I took photos.

Firstly the Christmas tree with LOTS of pressies I wrapped on the weekend

This table is at the end of the house entry with some of my treasures.

I have this little setting on the lounge room floor. A minature tree with a couple of reindeer
and Santa's with a toy sack and a Christmas Angel.

These gorgeous Angels and Reindeer are on the coffee table in the lounge room.


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Proclamation Day – 10 December 1859

Birth of Queensland

On Saturday 10 December 1859 the proclamation declaring Queensland a separate colony from New South Wales was read from the balcony of Adelaide House now the Deanery of St John’s Cathedral in Ann Street.

Fireworks, cannon fire, flag raisings and the sound of a gun shot added to the excitement.

Elaborate plans had been made for the reception and Governor Sir George Ferguson Bowen sailed into Brisbane with his wife, Lady Diamantina to take up his position as Queensland’s first Governor.

On arrival at the Botanic Gardens, they were greeted by over 4000 people waiting on the river banks from where the Governor’s party proceeded to the State’s first temporary Government House (Adelaide House) in Adelaide Street (now the Deanery of St John’s Cathedral).

Dignatories with the Governor’s party included the Colonial Secretary elect Robert Herbert who became Queensland’s first Premier

The proclamation and Letters Patent were published in the Queensland Government Gazette on that same day legalising the proclamation.

On 12 December 1859, Governor Bowen received and replied to addresses from community groups from Brisbane and Ipswich followed by a regatta and evening fireworks.

Queen Victoria had signed the Letters Patent creating the new colony on 6 June 1859 (Queensland Day).

How it all began

The push for separation from New South Wales began in earnest in the early 1850s. Between 1851 and 1854, a number of public meetings were held and by January 1856 a series of petitions had been sent to Queen Victoria seeking the establishment of a new colony.

On 10 July 1859, the ship ‘Clarence’ with the word ‘Separation’ painted on its hull sailed into Brisbane bringing the news that on 6 June 1859, Queen Victoria had signed the Letters Patent.

The news was greeted by a jubilant crowd and the vessel was welcomed with a 14-gun salute and fireworks.

The Queen favoured the name Queensland over suggestions to call it Cooksland in honour of Captain James Cook.


In 1909 Queensland celebrated its 50th year with a Jubilee Exhibition at the annual Brisbane Agricultural Show (the EKKA) and the official opening of the University of Queensland in the Botanic Gardens.


In 1959 Queensland celebrated its centenary with a huge array of events including Princess Alexandra’s tour of Queensland and the publication of an official centenary commemorative book, Queensland Daughter of the Sun (edited by Clem Lack)

The program of celebration for the year included a Centenary Regatta at Southport, Australian Life Saving Championships at Mooloolaba, a Centenary Festival of Immigration, the Royal National Association Centenary Show and a Cavalcade of Transport.



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