Sunday, August 20, 2017


I am so far behind making my blocks for this project, over the past month or so I have been working on several of the blocks.  The reason they are not in number sequence order is that some of the blocks look a little complicated and need more time working on them so I selected the ones I thought I could manage easily and in a timely manner.  


                                                                       BLOCK 8

                                                                      BLOCK 10

                                                                          BLOCK 14

                                                                        BLOCK 20


I have completed 2 more blocks since making the above blocks, pressing them and taking photos to BLOG.


Monday, August 7, 2017


Our gorgeous Rebecca turned 25 on the 1st August, I have been quite sick and we were unable to travel to Brisbane to celebrate the day with her so we went up to Brisbane last Friday for the weekend. On Friday night we went to the Rustic Olive at Redcliffe for dinner, they have the most amazing Italian food and the meal sizes were so huge. This is our second visit, the first being my Birthday last year, it was so good.

                                                                  Rebecca and Moi

                                                      Me with my two gorgeous girls.

Rebecca was embarrassed with all the attention, practically the whole restaurant was singing "happy Birthday" to her, it was amazing.

This was my meal, I ate about 2/3 and took the remainder home and had for lunch the next day.

The restaurant is not far from Bee Gees way, I've heard so much about it and seen photos however this was the first time for me to visit and it didn't disappoint, it was so amazing. I took many photos.
They have music playing and lights bright and dimming, I loved it, looking forward to my next visit so I can spend more time there.

Happy Monday everyone.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I've been sewing up a storm with these Lingerie bags and zippered pouches.  The first one is the same colour/fabric combination as the first one except it's a little smaller and just has the knickers appliqued on the front.

After seeing my lingerie bags on Instagram and FB a friend asked me to make some for her to give away as Birthday gifts however she wanted them in an envelope style.  Although I'm happy with the them and they are quicker to make I prefer the above pattern.

                                                     A Blue tone Robyn Pandolpf fabric

                                                    A Green tone Robyn Pandolph fabric

                                                         Yellow and blue tones

My friend also wanted a Lingerie bag for herself in Pinks. Fingers crossed she loves this as much as I do.  It's nice and bright and the Pink and Green just sing together, don't you think !!!


I made therse two different size zippered pouches for myself which will come in handy for my trip to Japan next year to keep things together in my suitcase.

                                                                HAPPY SEWING


Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Well seems a whole month has passed since I last did a blog post. 

My first sewing project since my machine went in for a service in April.  This is my first go at a Lingerie Bag and I must say I'm rather thrilled with it.  I will make some more for gifts for sure,
a few the same pattern as this one and a few smaller ones with just knickers appliqued on the front.

I also made this cute little zippered bag, it is the ideal size to store phone charges and accessories for trips and will keep everything together.  I'm all for keeping things in bags, pouches etc rather than just thrown into a suitcase.  I can now use the same pattern making various sizes to carry other items for travelling. 


Friday, May 26, 2017


            So Mother's Day this year was wonderful, my two girls put in a big effort as usual.

We went to the Marketti Steet Food markets at Miami (Qld) on the Saturday night.
I was given this gorgeous bunch of flowers.

       We enjoyed some boutique beers, this one from burleigh, just so nice and they
are carb free.

                                Then we enjoyed a lovely cocktail, I had a Margarita.

                                               Rebecca had an espresso Martini.

                   Kate also had an espresso Martini and Josh had a water as he was driving.

My gorgeous cards on Mother's Day along with a voucher to be pampered. 
A 60 minute massage and a 40 minute facial.  I am looking forward to
having this done.

Kate also gave me this Lonely planet book,  ahhhhh so excited....
I have read it all through once however I will be reading it again and again and
again and jotting things down to see and do. 
I will be taking my very first overseas trip in 2018.  This has been my
dream for over 30 years, to visit Japan.

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Two of the special people in my life had Birthday's in April, first Birthday early April is my BFF's Birthday

Vicki is always making cakes for everyone's Birthday's, she is what I call "the Birthday cake maker", so I made a Birthday cake for her Birthday which she was thrilled about.  I managed to find her a "cupcake" Birthday card along with a "cupcake" scratchie ticket from the Newsagents. Plus  a couple of "cake boss" icing and cookie cutters to use in her baking.

I also made her this bag which she loves, I made one in the same pattern for a Christmas BLOG swap which I showed to Vicki and she loved it so my "ah ha" light blub moment went on and I made one for her Birthday.

Vicki about to cut her cake..

The second Birthday in April, the middle of the month is my SIL's Birthday.  Last winter Kate mentioned to me he constantly complains about not having a blanket long enough for him to sunggle under in winter whilst watching TV. Soooo my "light bulb" moment went off and I decided to make him a patchwork quilt for his Birthday this year.  I went with the good 'ol "disapearing nine patch" pattern which I have made a few times and it always looks great. Plus I have the pattern down pat now and it's not such a daunting task to undertake.  Earlier this year I checked out the web sites for fabric on line at "The Fat Quarter Shop" and "The Missouri Star Quilt Shop", two of my favourites in the US to buy fabric.  I found this great Star Wars fabric and so Josh's "Star Wars" quilt was ticking away in my head.

Sandwiching the quilt on the spare bed in the back room.  I used to do it on the tiles however that's not great for the knees or the back so now do it on the bed which is much better on my knees and back.

Doing some very easy quilting on the "Star Wars" quilt.

Attaching the binding using the machine quilting method, this saved me hours of hand sewing.  I use this method when putting binding on the ADF quilts I have made in the past, it's so much more durable for guys. I used a decorative zig zag stitch, it looks nice and keeps it all together well.

Ta Da....... this is the finished "star Wars" quilt for Josh, it's larger than a single size but not a double size.  I just love the colours and the small amounts of orange which just "pop" in the quilt.  I used the orange as the middle block in the centre of the nine patch.....

This is the quilt label on the back of the quilt.

I asked Kate to sneak a photo of Josh under his quilt, he hates having his photo taken and wouldn't pose with it when I gave it to him.  Kate said he loves it and it's a great size for him to snuggle under.  Oh good, my job is done...........

So, I came across this on FB and told him - it's on order as a belated Birthday pressie.  LOL LOL
Of course I haven't, he just said - oh no, you haven't........

Cheers everyone